Qiang Cao, PHD student from CAU, won the
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Qiang Cao, PHD student from CAulture3
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I.Apply Time
From Jan. 5th ,2019 to Apr.30tn,2019(Degree Students)
II. Application Fee
A. Pay online.
B. Come to ISO and pay by cash.


Basic Information

  • Tuition
  • - 26,000 RMB/year

  • Starting Time
  • - 2019-09-01

  • Application Deadline
  • - 2019-05-15

  • Teaching Language
  • - English

Agricultural Engineering

Master Degree

College of Engineering

How to apply

Online Application System opening time:

Degree students: From Jan. 1st ,2018 to May. 15th, 2018.
1. Applicants must first visit http://apply.cau.edu.cn/, set your account and password and complete the online application procedure. On completion of the online application form it must be downloaded and printed. Please stick the photo and ensure that the application form is signed by the applicant and his/her guarantor.
2.Application Fee:
A. Pay online.
B. Come to ISO and pay by cash.
3.Mail the application materials to CAU International Students’ Office.
*If you apply the scholarship, the application deadline is the deadline of scholarship application deadline. For more details, please visit scholarship details.