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Apply Time:For CSC Scholarship Programs:from January 1 to March 30;For other programs: from March 1 to April 30.Applicants must fill in real,correct,complete and valid information on the online system.The applicant should bear all consequences and responsibilities should there be any wrong,missing,false or invalid information that affects the admission and enrollment.APPLY NOW

contact us

For International Students affairs:

Phone: (0086-10) 62737815

E-mail: cauie@cau.edu.cn

Upon your Arrival

Getting to CAU from the Airport

To East Campus

Ø  Taxi:

Fee: About 150 RMB

Please show the following message to the taxi driver: Hello, please take me to the East Campus of China Agricultural University, No. 17, Qinghuadonglu, Haidian District, Beijing.


Ø  Airport Bus

Please take line SHANGDI、AOYUNCUN to the YA’AOGUOJIJIUDIAN (Best Western OL Stadium Hotel Beijing) station, then take subway line 15 to the LIUDAOKOU stationExit B.

Fee: About 30 RMB

Ø  Airport Express Railway and Subway

Take Airport Express to Subway SANYUANQIAO Station, transfer to subway line10 to the BEITUCHENG Station, and then transfer to subway line 8 to the OLYMPIC GREEN station, and transfer to subway line 15 to the LIUDAOKOU stationExit B.

Fee: About 30 RMB

To West Campus

Ø  Taxi:

Fee: about 150 RMB

Please show the following message to the taxi driver: Hello, please take me to the West Campus of China Agricultural University, No. 2, Yuanmingyuanxilu, Haidian District, Beijing, China


Ø  Airport Express Railway and Subway

Take Airport Express to Subway SANYUANQIAO Station, transfer to subway line 10 to the HAIDIANHUANGZHUANG Station, and then transfer to subway line 4 line DAXING to the XIYUAN station, and transfer to subway line 16 to the NONGDANANLU station (Exit B).

Total Fee: About 30 RMB

Important Notice:

a) The taxi is available in the designated places indicated by signs in the airport. To guarantee your safety and rights, please take legally approved taxi which has a uniform color and sign. Please do not take illegal taxi, which might overcharge you illegally. 
b) The Line‘Airport Express' operating hours: 6:00a.m.-21:00p.m. (from Terminal 3, line 6)
c) The subway operating hours: 4:47a.m. - 22:25 (line 10); 5:30a.m. -23:00p.m.(line 8); 5:30a.m. - 22:11p.m.(line 15)
If you want to know more about public transportation in Beijing, please click for Beijing Subway Map or download an APP "Baidu Map".

Accommodation Registration

On-campus Accommodation
If you have applied the dormitory at CAU International Students’ Apartments, you can enter the campus from the Southeast Gate, the International Students’ Apartments is in the east of No. 1 Student Dormitory Building. CAU (east campus) is located at No.17, Qinghuadonglu, Haidian District, Beijing, China. Please check in at the Reception Desk (Tel.62738770) in the lobby of apartment according to the regulations of the International Students’ Accommodation.
Off-campus Accommodation
The international students who live off campus should go to the local police station together with landlord to make accommodation registration within 24 hours after moving in (or moving into a new place), and get Registration Form of Temporary Residence. When extending or changing the visa/residence permit, or re-entering China, the accommodation registration needs to be renewed in the local police station every time.

Bank Account

For international students, their student IC cards are also used for payment in the dining halls, supermarkets, and internet service, etc. in the university. Therefore, every student must open an account at the China Construction Bank, and connect it with the student IC card for the transactions. Moreover, scholarships and allowances from the university are also transferred to that account.

The China Scholarship international students should pay attention to the application for the bank account. Since the supporting funds from Chinese government will be given to you every month, you must have an bank account at the China Construction Bank for the convenience of receiving them.

Below are the banks near CAU where you can set up a bank account upon your arrival.

East Campus:

Ø on-campus:

Huaxia Bank ATM (highly rocommend)华夏银行

next to the CAU International Student Apartment

Agricultural Bank of China ATM中国农业银行

next to the Humanity and Development Department building

China Construction Bank ATM中国建设银行

next to the Humanity and Development Department building & inside the Third Teaching Building

Ø off-campus:

Bank of China

Around International Conference Center

Agricultural Bank of China

1 minute walk from West Gate of CAU

China Construction Bank

2minutes walk from West Gate of CAU

West Campus

Ø on-campus

Huaxia Bank ATM

Around the Seventh Student Living Department Building

Agricultural Bank of China ATM

Around Dining Halls

Agricultural Bank of China ATM

Around the Administration & Graduate School Building & Around New Bathroom Building

Ø off-campus

China Construction Bank

Along Yuanmingyuan Road W.

Agricultural Bank of China

Along Yuanmingyuan Road W.

Daily Information Service

Since it might be your first time to come to CAU, you probably won't be familiar with public facilities such as supermarket, transportation, etc. Since international students usually live in or near the East Campus, some information will be given for the convenience of your life.

School Bus Service

Life Service

Ø Supermarket


You can buy snacks, drinks, general merchandise or printing shops in "Commercial Street" nearby the International Students Living Department, which are so convenient that attract lots of Chinese students. The commodities there are various and high quality with reasonable price, which will be enough to satisfy your need.



Merry Mart Supermarket: 5 minutes from the North Gate

Happy Market: along Xueyuan Road, around China Mining University

Ø Shopping Center

Sheng Xi Shopping Department: at the North Gate of CAU

Wudaokou Shopping Center

Zhongguancun Shopping Mall

Ø Hospital

School Hospital

No.3 Hospital of Peking University

Ø Express Delivery Center: Jinlinbao

At the Southeast Gate and the East Gate of CAU

Ø Transportation:

Bus Station at the South Gate and the West Gate of CAU

Subway line 15 around Liu Dao Kou

west campus

Admission Registration

General Orientation of a New Semester
Day of Registration for New students Sep. Administration Building Room 412 East Campus Required all documents
Registration Form of Temporary Residence
The day students arrived China
On-campus: International Student ApartmentOff-campus: Nearest Police Station
Required documents: Passport/ Leasing Contract(Off-campus)

Physical examination

Meet at Shuttle bus East Campus Attendee: students who will stay above 6 monthsPassport/Examination Fee 400Yuan/Original Physical examination result
Opening Ceremony & Orientation Meeting Sep. Administration Building 4th Floor Lecture HallEast Campus Attendee: All students
Day of Registeration for new students to Register in Colleges & Supervisors Sep. Colleges building See CAU East & West campus Map
To apply for Campus Card

Administration Building Room 412 East Campus
New students have temporary card first, after the registration day in 1-2 weeks, go to International student office collect campus card

To apply for China Construction Bank Card

Before Sep.21

China Construction BankQinghua East Road Branch
See CAU East & West campus MapChinese Government Scholarship students need to bring bank card and receipt from bank to International Student Office
To apply Network on campus Sep.8:30-1130;13:30-17:30 Network Centre East Campus See CAU East campus Map
To Apply Health Insurance

Sep. 7-98:30-1130;13:30-17:30

Administration Building Room 412 East Campus
According to Chinese Ministry of Education, all international students should apply health insurance in China, otherwise, it will not register at ISO (Six months 400Yuan, 12 months 800 Yuan)

To Apply Residence Permit for Foreigners

Late of Sep.

Administration Building Room 412 East Campus
Required documents: Two two-inch size photo; Passport; Admission Notice; Visa Application for Study in China; PHYSICAL EXAMINATION RECORD FOR FOREIGNER;Registration Form of Temporary Residence; Visa Fee

注:如有变动,请已工作人员解释为准 Note: If any changes, please ask our staff members

Physical Examination

All students who are studying in China for more than 6 months must obtain a medical certificate issued by the Beijing International Travel Healthcare Center (BITHC). Students may be required to run several tests at the BITHC in order to get a medical certificate. New students who have their health report from their home country must have it verified by the BITHC.

Beijing International Travel Healthcare Center:
Address: No. 10 Dezheng Road, Haidian District, Beijing
Office Hours: 8:30 am – 11:00 am, Monday to Friday
Tel: 86-10-82403675

How to get to the BITHC:
First take a bus 438 outside the west gate, and get off at Bai Wang Xin Cheng Stop and walk 280m to Zhong Hai Feng Lian Shanzhuang south gate and then walk 100m east.

Health Insurance

The Chinese Ministry of Education requires that all international students be medically insured throughout their study in China. This policy is crucial to the health, wellness and success of international students. 

Students who study at China Agricultural University for more than one semester are required to purchase the University’s recommended medical insurance on the day of registration. Students who study at CAU for one semester could choose to buy overseas medical insurance, which must cover China and possess offices in mainland China, and submit relevant insurance proof (the insurance company’s contact in China included) on the day of registration. Please note that students without valid medical insurance are not allowed to register.

The Comprehensive Insurance Plan for Foreign Students, which covers hospitalization and medical treatment for accidental injury, is recommended. (http://www.lxbx.net)

For more information about the insurance plans offered by Ping An, please visithttp://www.lxbx.net.

Residence Permit for Foreigners

TheX1 visais valid only for 30 days after entry. The students holding X1 visas have toapply for residence permitat least 5 working days prior to the expiration date. The steps of the application are as follows:

1. Register in the International Students Office and pay for tuition and medical insurance.

2. If you have not taken the physical examination (including blood test), you shall take it at Beijing International Travel Healthcare Center (Haidian Branch). If you have a report from a doctor of your own country, you shall verify it at Beijing International Travel Healthcare Center. If the report is not qualified, you should re-take the physical examination at the Center.

3. Get the Visa Application Permit from the International Students Office.

4. Submit the documents to the authorized visa service agency

For more information about the application for residence permit, residence permit extension, visa extension, and new passport, etc., please see "Formalities and Procedures" on this website.


•Valid Passport

•Admission Notice(Signed by yourself)

•Visa Application for Study in China(Signed by yourself)

•Notice of Arrival, Registration and Additional Conditions for China Scholarship International Students Enrolled by China Agricultural University

•Physical Examination Record and Blood Test Report

•Registration Form of Temporary Residence

•Three copies of 2-inch Photo

•Visa fee 500 RMB per year

•Original Highest Education Certificate

You may also consider bringing these documents with you if you deem them necessary:
•School transcripts
•Personal bank statement
•Reference/Recommendation letters