Qiang Cao, PHD student from CAU, won the
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Qiang Cao, PHD student from CAulture3
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Apply Time:For CSC Scholarship Programs:from January 1 to March 30;For other programs: from March 1 to April 30.Applicants must fill in real,correct,complete and valid information on the online system.The applicant should bear all consequences and responsibilities should there be any wrong,missing,false or invalid information that affects the admission and enrollment.APPLY NOW

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For International Students affairs:

Phone: (0086-10) 62737815

E-mail: cauie@cau.edu.cn

University Life

About China Agricultural University

China Agricultural University is at the forefront of Chinese modern and advanced agricultural education, originating as the Imperial Agricultural University in 1905. Generations of alumni of China Agricultural University have devoted themselves to educating agricultural professionals and other agricultural efforts. After years of development, China Agricultural University has became a multi-science research university, with bases in biological and agricultural engineering.
On the 15th of September, 2012, President Xi Jinping came to our university and complimented our university’s performance. The development of our university has reached a new stage in its history. Today, China Agricultural University is moving towards becoming a world-class agricultural university, and world-famous research university.
Solving problems and educating elites are our university’s goals; abundant teaching resources are the oil fueling students’ growth. And people like us are eager to welcome your arrival. We are hoping that on the beautiful campus, we can spread hope, and with our sweat and your youth, improve your life and our country’s future

Chinese Academic Year

There are two semesters in a Chinese academic year. Fall Semester is the beginning of a new academic year, usually from September to January next year. Spring Semester usually starts in late February and ends in late June. Between the two semesters there are the winter vacation and summer vacation. The summer vacation usually lasts two months, and the university would arrange summer school courses. The winter vacation is four weeks and normally connected with the Spring Festival.
Due to the unfixed date of the Spring Festival, the specific registration date for every semester is not fixed, so you need to check the PKU’s academic calendar intermittently.

Campus Card

If you want to know more about the usage of campus card, please click the links.

Students' Association

In order to organize the international students and for the convenience of students' intercultural communication, the organization, International Students Union has been established. It not only offers you a good chance to make numbers of friends from different countries, but could familiarize with your new school quickly. All of you have a chance to become a member of the students association and join in the the big family of international students
Below is the structure of International Students' Union.