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Qiang Cao, PHD student from CAulture3
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Apply Time:For CSC Scholarship Programs:from January 1 to March 30;For other programs: from March 1 to April 30.Applicants must fill in real,correct,complete and valid information on the online system.The applicant should bear all consequences and responsibilities should there be any wrong,missing,false or invalid information that affects the admission and enrollment.APPLY NOW


On-campus Accommodation

The university provides CSC international students with accommodation. Students arranged to live on the east campus can directly take relevant documents with photocopies that may be in need to the International Student Dormitory Building, located in the southeast part of the campus, for the procedure of residence. In return, you will be given the Resident Card. The contact of the building is 62736225. Students arranged to live on the west campus need to go to the Peixun Building of College of Continuing Education for procedure, and take the Resident Card back with you. The contact of Peixun Building on the west campus is 62732584.

Students are required to follow all the arrangement and regulations of the university on accommodation.

Off-campus Accommodation

International students tending to live off-campus are required to complete the procedure of residence registration and get the Registration Form of Temporary Residence (Resident Card) back with you in 24 hours after you get settled down. With the photocopy, you need to come back to Office of International Students for information modification. With the house owner, students choosing home-stay have to take relevant documents such as passport to complete the residence registration in the affiliated police station. During the procedure, the registered residence, house property ownership certificate, renting contract, as well as the identity card of the house owner will be in need.

Now we need to invite your attention. Living in China without the completion of residence registration will bring you more troubles. When you live off-campus, please take care of yourself as well as your property.

Update "Temporary Accommodation Registration Form":

Foreign students need to reapply for registration and obtain a new temporary residence registration form:

1) after each entry of foreign students;

2) foreign students to move or change address

3) your "Temporary Residence Registration Form" expires;

4) after the foreign student's passport, visa or residence permit expires, you perform the change or extension procedures.
Special tip: International students in CAU must be timely to show your temporary accommodation registration form and give your personal phone number correctly to the international cooperation and exchange, otherwise the international cooperation and exchange office will not allow you to be registered, and Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau will exit your entry.