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Apply Time:For CSC Scholarship Programs:from January 1 to March 30;For other programs: from March 1 to April 30.Applicants must fill in real,correct,complete and valid information on the online system.The applicant should bear all consequences and responsibilities should there be any wrong,missing,false or invalid information that affects the admission and enrollment.APPLY NOW

Brief Introduction

Agricultural engineering is the engineering discipline that applies engineering science and technology to agricultural production and processing. The discipline of Agricultural Engineering in China Agricultural University is the only State key discipline of Agricultural Engineering in China. The discipline of Agricultural Engineering in China Agricultural University continuously ranks the first in the discipline assessment by Chinese Ministry of Education.

The current program consists of three directions, including Agricultural Equipment Engineering, Agricultural Mechanization Engineering, and Biomass Engineering. The program was designed based on the advantages of College of Engineering of China Agricultural University. This program aims to cultivate master’s degree students with global minds. All the courses of the program will be taught by the strongest faculty team.

Practical capability cultivation has been enhanced in this program according to the demands and characteristics of students from outside China. Out-campus stations will be used so that the capabilities in agricultural production technology and administration of service in rural areas.

Application Requirements

1. Applicant should have a Bachelor degree. We will consider applicants with a background in any subject, although a first degree in an agricultural engineering subject and prior working experiences in the field of agricultural would be an advantage.

2. The M.Sc program is in English so the test for Chinese is not required. But the applicant should have an excellent English proficiency to be able to accomplish the study. The applicant should provide the relevant certificates of English as the working and learning language for university study (Except Native English).

Application Documents

The main application documents include:

1. The completed Foreigner's Application Form for Admission to Graduate Programs of China Agricultural University, signed by the applicant, original and duplicated(Apply on http://apply.cau.edu.cn);

2. The original or the notarized photocopies of degree certificate or proof of education in academic institution, and academic transcript, original and duplicated;

3. Two academic recommendation letters from scholars of associate professorship or higher;

4. Two copies of the page with personal information on the passport (ordinary passport);

5. A letter from your current employer to certify your employment status, or a letter from your current university to certify when you expect to graduate;

6. Physical examination results (you keep the original and send us the copy);

7. A study plan indicating why you want to apply for our program and what research that you want to do (2 page long).

The certificates provided should be the original documents in Chinese or in English, otherwise notarized translations in Chinese or English are required.

Main Course

Students shall complete at least 28 degree credits from the following courses (about 9 courses) with a minimum of 24 coursework credits, excluding credits received for thesis work; 4 credits from training courses.

1. Chinese Language (2 credits)

2. Chinese Culture and Society (2 credits)

3. Agricultural mechanics (4 credits)

By: Dr. Mao Zhihuai, and Li Dong Professor

4. BioEnergy Engineering for Energy and Ecology (3 credits)

      By: Dr. Dong Renjie, Professor

5. Introduction to Mechatronics and Measurement Systems (3 credits)

By: Dr. Yang Liu, Associate Professor

6. Engineering Technology in Farm Products Processing (2 credits)

By: Dr. Mao Zhihuai, Professor and Liu Yanhong Associate Professor

7. Development of the Technology of Agricultural Mechanization Engineering (2 credits)

By: Dr. Liu Xiangdong Professor, and Yang Deyong Associate Professor 

8. Basis of Agricultural Engineering Practice Education (school) (3 credits)

By: Dr. Zhou Yuguang and Dr. Wu Min, Assistant Professor

9. Basis of Agricultural Engineering Practice Education (outside school) (3 credits)

By: Dr. Huang Guangqun, and Zhu Zhongxiang, Associate Professor

Duration & Tuition Fee

Study duration: 3 years

The cost to study at CAU includes the following components (CNY).  Application Fee (Non-refundable): CNY 400

Tuition Fee of Graduate Programs

Master Program: CNY 26,000 per year

Medical Insurance: CNY 800 per year

The qualified applicants are encouraged to apply for Chinese Government Scholarship (CGS). Applicants should apply to China Scholarship Council (CSC) (Website: http://www.campuschina.org/) through the Chinese Embassies or Consulates, or relevant organizations in the home countries of the applicants between November and April (varied for different countries). Please find out the application deadline for your country in advance.

The applicants may also apply for Chinese Government Scholarship with the recommendations from China Agricultural University. But the number of the recommended applicants is very limited, and the applicants should be excellent among those who are not studying in China, For application of this scholarship, please complete and submit the Application Form for Chinese Government Scholarship along with other application documents.

In addition to Chinese Government Scholarship, the applicants may choose to apply for Beijing Government Scholarship (BGS), which supports full tuition. For application of this scholarship, please complete and submit the Application Form for Beijing Government Scholarship along with other application documents.

Please visit  http://admissions.cau.edu.cn for more information.

Graduate Degree

Master’s Degree of Engineering

Contact Information

CUI Yuening

Office of College of Engineering, China Agricultural University

Room 745, College of Engineering Building

Address: No.17 Qing Hua Dong Lu, Haidian District, Beijing 100083 P.R. China

Tel: 0086-010-6273 6275

E-mail: cuiyuening@cau.edu.cn

website: http://admissions.cau.edu.cn